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Football in Brussels
Brussels hosts on this moment, 2005, two football clubs in the highest league of Belgium: RSC Anderlecht, FC Brussels. This league is called the Jupiler league after one of Belgium’s finest beers. FC Brussels is a new club merged from two other clubs from Brussels and we have to wait for the future what they will bring us. RSC Anderlecht is the biggest club in Belgium with a great stadium and history.

RSC Anderlecht
In 1908, RSC Anderlecht was founded and since then the club has grown to become the best football club in Belgium. Anderlecht is located in the so called quarter and their nick name is mauve & whites because of the club colours. They have an excellent record of achievements to show, with no less than 27 championship titles. RSC Anderlecht is also playing in the Champions League, where al the best clubs in Europe play. If you want to see such a match you have to be quick and talk to a lot of football supporters in Brussels to get tickets. These matches are normally sold out before the match. For matches in the Belgium competition it is possible to buy tickets at the stadium. Watch it that you bring an identity card when you buy a ticket because they ask for it. For more information, call Tel: ++32(0)2/529.40.67 or mail to They can tell you if the match is sold out or not.

Seats: € 22, -  till  € 33,-
Standing Places:  € 13,-  (€ 7,- if you’re younger then 16)
For the big matches you pay around 26 till 38 euro for a seat and 17 for the standing places.

Constant vanden Stock stadium
Theo Verbeecklaan 2
Mon-Fri 10.00 - 17.30
Saturday 10.00 - 12.00

FC Brussels
FC Strombeek and RWDMolenbeek are merged in 2003 and became FC Molenbeek Brussels Strombeek. RWDM was a famous club in Europe, but in the last decennia it went wrong and a fusion was inevitable. Since the season 2004/2005 it has been in the Jupiler league and their nick name is Les Coalisés (The United)

Edmond Machtensstadion; Charles Malisstraat 61
The Edmond Machtensstadion has a capacity of 15.000 with 8.000 seating places.
Prices between 15 and 25 euro.

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