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Markets in Brussels
Everything you want to buy, you can buy on the street. Each day you will find a market under one of the church towers. The several markets in Brussels have different kinds of subjects like antiques, flowers, crafts, and fruit. One of the biggest markets is held at the abattoir or “slachthuizen” (slaughterhouses) in Anderlecht, metro Clémenceau, bus 47 and 20, or tram 83. It’s open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7 am till 2 pm and you will find everything over here. Another big market is located at the Vossenplein/Place Jeu de Balle. It is a daily flea market in the heart of the Marolles. There are a lot of bargains and as the day draws close to 1pm, it gets easier to buy something for the price you want to pay. On Sundays antiques are also on display here. Open hours: 6am till 2pm from Monday till Sunday. There are much more markets, but the most famous is at Gare du Midi……...

Marché du Midi
The area around the Gare du Midi is the location of a Sunday market. But not an usual one, no it’s the masterpiece of all Belgium markets with an unique atmosphere and a lot of exotic and home grown products. It’s Brussels' largest food market with fresh fruit, vegetables, North African herbs and spices, olives, cheese and fish. The market stalls are from Middle Eastern and south European merchants who sell their specialities of food but also unusual items from their home areas. There selling plants, shoes and clothes and if you’re curious to African (mostly North-African) music you are on the right place. The market is open in the morning and you have to go early, because it’s big enough to walk around and let yourself be entertained all morning. On two a clock most stalls are gone.
The market is open from 6 am till 2 pm.

Place du Grand Sablon
Every weekend, there’s an antiques market. This one is located at place du Grand Sablon. The quality of the merchandise, which includes silverware, pottery, paintings, and jewellery is high. Unfortunate the prices too, but there are stuff you will never see again. With its great surrounding the place du Grand Sablon is a must see when the market is held. The area is full of nice cafes and the atmosphere very relaxed.
The market is open Saturday from 9am to 6pm and Sunday from 9am to 2pm.

Marché d'Art
Each Sunday from the middle of May until September, painters, sculptors, potters, photographers, and other artists come together at Parvis Saint-Pierre in Uccle. Uccle is one of the 19 parts of Brussels in the south of Brussels. Non-professional artists, mainly painters, are exposing their creations in the open air. They sell their work and some of them produce it too. The works are made of aquarelles, cartoons, pen drawings in Indian ink, figures made of iron wire and jewellery. One of the artists even makes clocks and paints them by hand. The stalls are covered with green and red canvas, so can easily be seen from a distance

European Christmas market on Grand Place
Every day there is a flower market at Grand Place, with on Sunday a bird market, but two weekends before Christmas the Grand Place will be filled with activity. The European Christmas market is held from Friday evening until Sunday evening and each country of the EU sets out its stall with traditional foods and other products. There's music, singing, and dancing, and you can try some wine and other typical national drinks. It will be a bit busy so it’s nice if you like crowd. If you hate crowdie places don’t go to the square because sometimes it gets so busy that it is almost impossible to move.


Grand Place / Grote Markt                Flowers and plantsmarket: 
                                                           Every day from 8 till 18
Place du Grand Sablon / Grote Zavel      
                                                           Antique and bookmarket: 
                                                           Saturday from 9 till 18, Sunday 9 till 14

Place St Catherine / St.Katelijneplein    
                                                           Flower and foodmarket, (sugars)  
                                                           Every day from 7 till 17
Place du Jeu de Balle / Vossenplein (and further)      
                                                           Flea market; second hand, antique: 
                                                           All days from 7 till 14
Boulevard du midi / Zuidlaan, (between Huishoudensstraat and Bloemenstraat) 
                                                           Market with second hand bicicles and
                                                           Every Sunday
from 7 till 14
Place Emile Bockstael / Emile Bockstaelplein      
                                                           Food, flowers en plants: 
day from 7 till 14  
                                                           Market for new stuff (no second hand): 
                                                           Saturday from 7 till 14
Chaussee D'Anvers / Antwerpsesteenweg    
                                                           Market for new stuff (no second hand): 
                                                           Wednesday from 7 till 13
Rond point Agora / Agora Rond Punt          
                                                           Art and craftsman; 
                                                           Saturday and Sunday from 10 till 18.
Marché de gros / Groothandelsmarkt: Werkhuizenlaan 22-23      
                                                           Second hand cars, motorcycles,caravans,
                                                           trailers and boats: 
                                                           Every Sunday  from 7h30 till 13
Rue au beurre / Boterstraat        
                                                           Art. Market from painters, portrait: 
                                                           Every day from 11 till 18
Place Peter Benoit/ P.Benoitplein           
                                                           Market for new stuff (no second hand): 
                                                           Friday from 14 till 18
Place Anneessens/ Anneessensplein       
                                                          Market for new stuff (no second hand): 
                                                          Tuesday from 8 till 12h30
Place de la Monnaie/ Muntplein        
                                                          Biological market (fruit, vegetables,
                                                          bread,wine, poultry,goatcheese 
                                                          and dairy products): 
                                                          Wednesday from 9 till 14.
Haren- rue Cortenbach / Haren-Cortenbachtstraat  
(l'Eglise Ste-Elisabeth / St. Elisabeth kerk)      
                                                          Market with textile and food
                                                          (no bread and meat) 
                                                          Saturday from 10 till 17

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