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Public transport
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Public transport

In Brussels there is a wide-spread network of public transport with trams, buses and metro. The best way to travel around Brussels would be by metro, but the centre of Brussels can also easily be done by foot. The Brussels metro network consists of two main lines and one secondary line. This is different than in other big cities but the network of metro, trams and buses brings you to every place in town on a fast way.

There are currently 64 metro stations and they are recognisable by the blue signs, displaying a white 'M'. The tram network consists of approximately 15 lines travelling both over and under ground serving.

Tickets can be bought from the driver of the tram or the bus, or in the metro stations where they are sold at booths. One same ticket can be used during one hour on all forms of public transport and costs € 1, 40. Also available are day-cards, 10-drive tickets or 5-drive tickets. After having purchased the ticket you have to validate it in the orange boxes inside the vehicles or at the entrance of the metro. There are regular controls.

If you want to stop a taxi you have to go to a taxi stand, because they don’t stop when you’re waving on the street like in most southern countries. You can phone a taxi firm or a radio exchange, which will send you a vehicle or you can go to a nearby taxi rank.
Taxi's can be of all different colours and car brands, but usually it is a black or white car. Official taxi's have on top of the roof an illuminated panel (called 'sputnik' by the cab-drivers) with the mention " Brussels Gewest - TAXI - Région de Bruxelles". The letters T A X I are written in red on a white background. It’s important to check that the taxi has a taximeter linked to a printer and that the prices are clearly indicated.

There is a starting price (which depends on the time of day). Mostly the pick-up charge is € 2, 35 and within Brussels city limits the rate is € 1,14 /km. If you go outside of the city limits, the rate goes up.

Trains to other cities
Brussels has three main train stations and those are North, Central, and South (Midi in Brussels). Trains to Belgian cities go from all these three stations. If you want to go to Grand Place you stop at Central Station and than it’s only a 300 meters walk. In the Midi-station you can take the Thalys train to Paris (1h20min) as well as the Eurostar train to London (2h40min). For prices you can check at the station counter.

If you are in Brussels for a longer time you can also visit other places in and around Belgium. Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges are big city's in Belgium and all three looks lovely so you have to see this places. Ghent is my personal favorite and only 40 minutes by train, Bruges is 1 hour and Antwerp only 35 minutes by train. Big city's in Holland and Germany who are easily reached are Amsterdam and Cologne. Amsterdam is only 3 houres and Cologne 2 houres by train.

From the airport to Brussels centre
Travelling to and from the airport is easy, because there’s a train station, a bus station and you can go by taxi. The cost of a taxi drive from the airport to the centre is approx € 30 so we recommend to take the train or bus. By train, Brussels Airport is less than twenty minutes from the city centre. From 06:00 till nearly midnight, the Airport City Express brings you from the airport to Brussels Midi, Central and North four times an hour. A one-way ticket costs € 2, 60. If you take the bus you can take the Airport line between the railway station Brussels-Luxemburg and the airport. The number of stops on this line is limited to five: Schuman, Diamant, Genève, Germinal and NATO. This line operates on work days between 7.00 am and 8.00 pm, three times per hour. A single ticket costs € 3, - (validity 1 hour on MIVB/STIB network).

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