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Brussels Capital Region

Belgium is a very small country with different beautiful places, like Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp.  Brussels is located in the region Brabant but it has its own capital-region. On this page we give you some information about this capital-region which consists of 19 communes. Besides the city of Brussels these are the communes:

This commune is a cultural an architectural place with a lot of art, sport, theatre, schools, museums, a town hall built in Italian, Flemish Renaissance style and the Parc Josaphat with a veritable open-air museum of sculptures.

Etterbeek is the central commune of Brussels with the European district and the Cinquantenaire/Jubel park. Over here also the ULB and VUB university campuses are located

This commune is the place for culture and night life. There are a lot of theatres and cinemas, and popular places for the night. There’s also an African quarter "Matonge", and the Art Nouveau architecture. Besides the beauty and culture this commune is also home of the European Parliament and large international corporations.

Victor Horta's house is located in this commune and attracts over 25,000 visitors a year. You can also find Gare du Midi / Zuidstation in the lower half of the commune.

Anderlecht is very green, but everybody knows it from the football club in his Constant vanden Stock stadium.

Molenbeek-Saint Jean
In this commune are mostly immigrants living with the lower half as the neighbourhood of the people, full of foreign influences.

This is a small commune which is famous because it contains the fourth largest church in the world; the huge Basilica.

This commune has a lot of green. "Green Alley" (Allée Verte / Groenlaan) and the bois du Wilder / Wilderbos are located here. There’s also a fascinating city-garden in the Cité moderne / Moderne Stadstuin, built in 1922, by architect Victor Bourgeois.

Ganshoren is located in the north-west of Brussels and is an old farming commune. It was a part of Jette for years and is now a peaceful residential area.

For years it was an ancient village, but nowadays there are a lot of economic activities. There’s also a lot of green in this commune with the natural reserve of Poelbos and the Parc Roi Baudouin / Koning Boudewijnpark.

This commune is a farming one with 50 Ha of green areas, including Moeraske, Parc du Doolegt and Parc Saint-Vincent. It is a very pleasant place to live.

This cosmopolitan commune is mainly residential, and contains a lot of green places. The parc de la Woluwe, the Mellaerts ponds and the Forêt de Soignes are wonderful places for strolling and relaxing. The big sports centre is also located and named after this area. Besides this there is also a cultural centre, a congress centre, a well-developed network of daycares and early childcare centres, neighbourhood community centres complete with libraries, multimedia facilities and meeting rooms, playgrounds for children in various neighbourhoods, and so on.
One third of this commune is covered by the Forêt des Soignes and other green spaces such as Woluwe Parc, Seny Parc / Park, J. Massart Garden (jardin / tuin) and the Rouge-Cloître / Rokloosterpark. It is one of Brussels-Capital Region's most pleasant residential communes.

One third of this commune is covered by the Forêt des Soignes and other green spaces such as Woluwe Parc, Seny Parc / Park, J. Massart Garden (jardin / tuin) and the Rouge-Cloître / Rokloosterpark. It is one of Brussels-Capital Region's most pleasant residential communes.

Half of the commune's territory is covered by the forêt de Soignes so this is also a green commune. Next to this forest there are also some gardens that are protected sites now.

This commune is the fourth in terms of population and it contains many green areas with 500 Ha of the Forêt de Soignes. It became one of the most extensive communes in Brussels and is a mainly residential commune. Pleasant neighbourhoods of villas alternate with former village centres. There are also many listed buildings and sites.

Almost every commune in Brussels contains a lot of green, and this commune is no exception. It is a simple commune, with a rich industrial past, but it offers a wide range of parks and green spaces: Parc Duden, Parc de Forest, Parc de l’Abbaye de Forest, Parc Jacques Brel, Parc Abbé Froidure and the zone van de Bempt. It also contains a number of remarkable buildings in Art Deco and modern style, the Eglise Saint-Denis and several other amazing buildings from the former abbey bear witness to its medieval past.
There is also much industrial activity taken place in this commune. In the Forest National concert hall lot of events taken place with shows and concerts.

This commune is a nice residential place with the Woluwe Valley running trough it. The Catholic University of Louvain campus, along with a number of company headquarters and administrative centres and the Woluwe shopping centre are also located in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. It is a very interesting commune because Malou, Georges Henri, Sources, Roodebeek, Slot and Neerveld Parks, the Tomberg garden and the garden of medicinal plants are green areas of great ecological interest and it is also a commune which values cultural life with a number of creative centres.

In the smallest commune in Brussels is the most densely populated. There are living a lot of immigrants in this area, like the Turkish who created an atmosphere of an Eastern city. Next to this the international-class hotels on place Rogier / Rogierplein, the tower blocks of offices on place Madou and the little Manhattan of the North are also located in this commune.

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